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5 Stars. (Yelp)

When I was referred to Peter Joseph for my Medicare Plans coverage, he provided thorough, easy to understand coverage choices. He pointed out readily where change of plans could save me significant premium reductions, while still meeting my medical care needs, ongoing.  He has continued to be easily and readily accessible, for my questions, along the way.  I am very impressed and satisfied with the service he provides!  

- Dawn R. (Current Client)


5 Stars (Google)

My mom's insurance was unexpectedly cancelled. Peter was the only one I could trust to get my mom's insurance issues resolved. With one call "Peter resolved it all!" My mom is taken care of - her insurance was restored the same day (same group, same primary doctor). "One call Peter solves it all!" I highly recommend him to care for your family, friends, and loved ones needs. Peter does it all with integrity.  

-Diane S. (Current Client)


5 Stars (Facebook Review)

So you know friend, I think that what you are doing is GOLD. I was only 31 years old when I suddenly learned that my grandmother had named me her medical power of attorney the minute I turned 18. She never communicated that nomination and I only found out via hospital directive records after she was diagnosed with dementia and needed full time home care. Not only is the information you provide VITAL to those who depend on Medicare now or who will soon be eligible, but I personally believe it's vital to families and future caregivers. I wish someone like you would have been around when I was trying to navigate my grandmother's care and coverage. It's NEVER too early to learn!            -Jessica S. (Colleague) 


5 Stars (Facebook Review)

Heads up:

To all my friends 63 and older. Now is the window of time to review and renew your health insurance. Medical needs change and there are many different plans available that may be better suited for you. Peter Joseph is a trusted friend, and he can help you find a plan that is best for YOU! He services are offered at no cost to you, and he may be able to save you money and get you more services. He’s good at explaining all the complicated plans and has been very helpful to my family.

BTW, he is licensed in CA, NV, AZ and TX. Tell him I sent you. 😊

-Laura O. (Colleague, and So California Residential Realtor)


5 Stars (Google)

Peter did a great job on my Transition from Standard Health care to Medicare. he gave me options and explained what each would do for me! he made the transition easy! Highly recommend Him!

-Drew Sasser (Colleague and Small Business Owner)


5 Stars (Google)

My experience was excellent. I was so lost where to start when I lost our families insurance. Peter was able to help me transition into a new insurance policy for my girls and I and was very helpful and informative. Very quick responses. The process was so fast. Impressive. He made it easy.

-Laurie Rickman (Current Covered CA Client)

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I retired recently and was searching for a Medicare Advantage plan. My husband and I were having difficulty sorting through all the different options.

Peter Joseph provides a wonderful service. He helped us narrow our choices and select the plan that is right for us. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with Peter. It's wonderful to work with a caring and trustworthy person. 

Kay Guy

Retired School Teacher/

Current Client

Joseph's incredible expertise on Medicare is matched by his compassion and patience. Highly recommend you schedule a meeting with Joseph to ensure your Medicare plan is the best one for you. I never hesitate to send clients his way knowing they will be well taken care of!

Holly Ratzlaff


Trust and Estate Attorney

Peter is both knowledgeable and professional. He takes time to guide his clients and makes Medicare easy to understand. please do not hesitate to set up a consultation with him!  

Josh Sun


Financial Advisor Edward Jones